If you don´t want to cross the border in your vehicle;

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Park your car in the U.S. Side, there are 4 big parking lots within walking distance from the international border.
Walk in to México and you will come through a yelow cab depot as you come in.

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Before you take any cab, ask the fare first, it is a flat rate, usually no more than $8, try to bargain a lower price, show them a $5 bill and say you have no more, if they don´t bite, keep walking until some cab driver takes your money, maybe you will get lucky, give them the address, and as a reference tell them "take me to Edificio Gallegos" in front of "Soriana Agua Caliente", that is the best reference and description you can give the driver.

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We will call a cab for you when you need to return to the U.S., it will take you to the Mexicoach Bus Depot, where you will board "The Red Bus" that will drive you to the U.S. Side of the International Border.

In case you should decide to drive into México;

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Coming southbound interstate 5 or 805, at the end of the interstate, is the international border crossing.
Once you cross the border continue on and stay on the right lane, look for a sign that reads "ZONA RIO / PASEO DE LOS HEROES".

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At the end of the freeway, you will turn right and follow narrow 3 lane passage into Mexico Customs and the border crossing.

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Make sure to keep to your left hand side lane. You will immediately see a very large Mexican Flag and a white building with the letters "SAT". Keep to your left at all times. You will see three signs, make sure you take the lane that is labeled "ZONA CENTRO RIO"

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Once you clear customs, keep to your left and take the lane once again labeled "ZONA CENTRO RIO". You will go on a bridge that will take you to "PASEO DE LOS HEROES". Be careful, when you exit that bridge, make sure to change JUST ONE LANE to your left, otherwise, you can end up taking another bridge that will take to to the beaches.

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Stay on the right lane and continue straight through until you come to a roundabout, don´t worry, there are traffic lights to control the flow of vehicles. Right at the roundabout, you will see a McDonalds at your right hand side and the Tijuana Cultural Center at your left.

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Enter the trafic circle at 6 o´clock and exit at 12 o´clock, that is, you are going to go half way around the traffic circle. Continue straight through until you come to a second traffic circle, as a reference you will see a big statue of an indian warrior.

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Go again half way around and continue traight through until you come to a third roundabout, this one has a statue of Abraham Lincoln, once again, you have to go half way around and keep driving straight down until you come to a fourth and final roundabout, this one has a statue of a General sitting on a horse pointing straight to you.

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If you look to your right hand side, you will see a Dominos Pizza and a Movistar outlet. You need to turn to your right and take this street, the name of the street is "Gral. Abelardo L. Rodríguez", once you take this street, you will head west and pass one traffic light until you come to a second traffic light. Once you come to the second traffic light, you need to make a left turn.

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For reference, you will see at your left hand side a PEMEX gas station, once you make your left turn, switch to your far right lane. You will see a traffic light just a few blocks down. To your left hand side, there is a white building with a green sign reading "Soriana", to your right at 13 o´clock you will see an all marble and glass building, that is "Edificio Gallegos" pictured here. You will enter the street named "Sonora" which is the street to your right just after the traffic light, but just before a second traffic light a few yards from the last.